FAQ-Biki App


The Biki App

The Biki App, available on both iPhone and Android mobile devices, is designed to help you maximize the use of Honolulu’s Bikeshare System, Biki. Here are some of the top features:



iOS version 12.1+ and Android version 4.1+ are required to install the Biki App and the latest updates. 

check out a bike with the app

1. Login to your Account to view our system map. Each dot represents a Biki Stop.

2. Click on any dot to see the Biki Stop name, number and the real time availability of open docks and bikes. 

3. When you are by a Biki Stop and ready to ride, press the yellow unlock button on the bottom right side of the screen. 

4. Click "Get release code" to generate a 5-digit code that can be used to unlock any bike at that particular Biki Stop. Codes are valid for 5-minutes and can check out one bike. 

check out bike

5. Go to a bike a find the 3-number key panel on the left side of the dock. 

6. Type in your unique code, wait for the yellow light to turn green and remove the bike. Your ride has now begun!