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Bike Month is a national celebration of biking and Blue Planet Foundation is leveraging the Love to Ride platform to run a fun competition between Hawaii residents and workplaces to see which can get the most friends and family to ride a bike during May. 

It's not about who can ride the most miles, but about encouraging as many people as possible to set themselves biking goals and ride for health, happiness and fun. 

The Hawaii Bike Challenge is for everyone from regular riders to new riders. Join the Biki team (space is limited!), or create your own team of up to 10, and participate for the chance to win awesome prizes. 

1 Biking back from Mayor's bike month proclamation signing (1)

Here's what you need to know:

  • Everyone can join in - from regular riders to people who haven't been on a bike in years (or ever!)
  • Individuals only have to ride for ten minutes to go into the draw for prizes and help their team climb the leader board (long enough to experience the joy of riding a bike and overcome some mental barriers to riding, and short enough to be an easy first step to taking-up riding).
  • Earn points by riding and encouraging others - the teams from each county that earn the most during the month-long bike challenge in May will be declared winners. 
  • Spread the love - encouragement is at the core of the Bike Month Challenge and we want people to invite their coworkers, friends and family to take part.
  • There are some amazing prizes to be won by participating and encouraging others to rediscover riding.

New bike lanes in 2019, May Member of the Month, upcoming pau hana event and an exclusive Biki Member offer!

Three long-time friends celebrated a milestone birthday with a hike, swim and first-time Biki ride! Mahalo to Judy, Ruta and Emily for sharing their story and photos.  


20190515_101736 (1)

 What was the occasion? What is the Tour De Ala Moana?  
We came up with the theme, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", that steered us to celebrate our milestone birth year (75!) by doing something healthy and active, incorporating activities we’ve enjoyed doing together in the past. Tour De Ala Moana was an anniversary celebration of our "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" theme. We chose this theme as we got involved with swimming, hiking, biking - exercise and fun. The day involved a hike up the Haunama Bay trail, a Biki ride and swim at Ala Moana Beach Park, and lot's of yummy food and good times! 
Why did you decide to incorporate Biki? How did you utilize Biki throughout the event? 
Our Biki Bike adventure had been hatching for several months. This was our first Biki experience even though we'd biked years ago together about once a week. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" also incorporated hiking (see photos), birthday celebrating and eating ... and, of course, talking! Because the Biki Bikes were easy to ride, our experience wasn't challenging - flat terrain, easy step-through, easy to operate and not a lot of people to run into.
What membership plan did you use? Why? 
We each downloaded the Biki App and purchased Free Spirit Plans. Going forward, we hope to do this at least once a month -to Biki somewhere - so the bank of 300 minutes is an ideal option. We loved the big Ala Moana Beach Park stop close to Magic Island. It was just right to get started us on our Biki adventure.
Do you have any Biki tips or words of wisdom for a new rider?
It's such a fun experience. Select your Biki station and review the terrain if you're just starting out. I think the next adventure on Biki may be around the Ala Wai Canal using the Lei of Parks trail.  Please bring some Bikis to Hawaii Kai!

Have an interesting Biki story you want to share? We want to hear from you! Email info@bikesharehawaii.org

In April, Kanu Hawaii hosted Volunteer Week and brought together 100+ events & 5,000+ volunteers across 7 islands! We took the opportunity to partner with Hawaii Meals on Wheels (HMOW) during the week to encourage individuals and coworkers to deliver meals to the community on Biki bikes! We're thrilled that, in addition to delivery over 70 meals and bringing over 20 first-time volunteers to Meals on Wheels, organizations such as Inspire Church and HIC have continued to host their own Biki Meals on Wheels following the partnership.

Now, we're making plans to partner again as the 2019 holiday season approaches. If you are interested in delivering meals to members of the community leading up to Thanksgiving,  please email justine@bikesharehawaii.org to coordinate. As thanks for donating your time, up to 20 participants will receive 50% off their next month of rides (Commuter Plan). 

Biki Meals on Wheels
Biki Meals on Wheels

From left to right: Cameron Black and Jonathan Chin from the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism Office (DBEDT), Daniel Simonich from ProsPac Holdings, June Chee from DBEDT, Dember Domen and Ben Trevino from Hawaii Authority for Rapid Transit (HART)

Please note: All meals are picked up at the Straub Medical Center at Biki Stop 402 between 11 am and 12 pm and delivered in pairs of 2. Volunteers can expect to deliver 2-4 meals with a partner to residences within Kakaako and Makiki. 


"I volunteered to find more fun and convenient ways for my colleagues at work to get involved in their communities. Meal delivery on Biki was a fun, easy, and rewarding way to give back a little in the middle of the day!"

-Ben F., HART

"Volunteering is a fun and rewarding way to contribute to the community. Biking while volunteering makes it more so! I participated in this event because Meals on (Biki) Wheels was a combo of things I like, using bikes as a functional mode of transport while delivering meals to folks who may be less mobile. The best part was making the delivery itself, because everyone likes a hot meal and the genuine gratitude of the recipients was refreshing. It was also nice to get out of the office and ride around town on my lunch break."

- Jonathan C., DBEDT

"As a Saint Louis School student, I was looking for a way to volunteer in my community.  I am also a BikeFactory employee and love riding my bike on the streets of Honolulu. On two afternoons in April, I had the opportunity to deliver meals in Waikiki on a Biki Bike.  I picked up the meals from the Oahu Care facility on Beretania Street, rode to Kalakaua Avenue on a Biki Bike, and delivered the meals to an elderly couple with limited mobility and special dietary needs.  It was especially rewarding to use my love of bikes to serve others."
- Jack M., High School Student

"I was happy to volunteer for Biki Meals on Wheels! It was fun to get on Biki and deliver meals by bicycle. It was a great opportunity to be active while doing something good for my community. Thank you for this great opportunity! I’m excited to do it again in the future."

-Diane Dohm, OahuMPO

"Delivering food to Hawaii Meals on Wheels’ clients on Biki bikes was a fun and easy way to help others in our community.  What a physically and spiritually rewarding way to spend a lunch break!  Thanks to both organizations for the opportunity and for making the entire delivery process so efficient.  The partnership between Hawaii Meals on Wheels and Biki makes a lot of sense."

- Cam B., DBEDT

"Meals on wheels hold a very special place in my heart as they have delivered food to my ohana. The service that Hawaii Meals on Wheels is priceless! When I learned about the collaboration with Biki and Meals on Wheels I was excited and honored to volunteer my time to deliver a meal to someone’s kupuna. This experience is humbling and I hope to participate in it in the near future."

-Dember D., HART 

HMOW serves over 400 meals a day to Hawaii's kupuna, providing households with hot meals as well as some company during lunch or dinner time.


Thanks to HHF Planners, Blue Planet Foundation, HART, DBEDT, OahuMPO, and Office of Climate Change Sustainability and Resiliency for rallying coworkers to volunteer as a group! A special shout-out goes to our high school volunteer, Jack, who used this opportunity to complete his final hours of volunteer service for Saint Louis High School! 

Over 50,000 people are expected to attend the annual Lantern Floating Ceremony this Memorial Day. Plan ahead and Biki there to avoid the hassles of traffic and parking! 
During busy events, the Biki Crew sets-up a Biki Valet at a nearby Biki Stop to accommodate the increased traffic. On Monday, we'll be offering assistance from 2pm - 10pm at our "mega station" Biki Stop #244, located on the Magic Island side entrance of Ala Moana Beach Park (system map). 
Don't worry about arriving to a completely full station! The Crew will be clearing out bikes as they arrive to ensure there will be open docks for you to return to. Extra bikes will be available but rentals are on a first-come, first served basis.  Customer Service representatives will also be available to answer questions and assist with new member sign-ups!

Memorial DayBikiValet


  • Download the Biki App (available for iOS and Android) in advance. The App shows the location of all Biki Stops and the bike availability in real-time.
  • Customer service will be on-site to assist with plan purchases. However, we recommend signing up in advance on GoBiki.org or the Biki App to save time! A valid credit or debit card is required. 
  • Consider using Biki even if you don't live in urban Honolulu! During big events many residents will drive to the city, park their car a few miles from the event location and ride in to avoid traffic and other delays. Pick up a Bike from one of over 130 convenient locations. 
  • Safety tips and bicycling laws are available on our website.
  • All riders must be 16+. Terms and Conditions.



  • Free Spirit Plan: $20 for 300 minutes to use however and whenever you like. Minutes don’t expire and can be used over days, weeks, months or years!
  • $15 Monthly: Unlimited 30-minute rides every day
  • $25 Monthly: Unlimited 60-minute rides every day


Don’t want to sign up for a plan? Purchase a single ride ($3.50/30-minutes) from the kiosk or the Biki Mobile App.

Get the scoop on all the free and fun events happening in May for Bike Month!

Biki has been named a top 6 US Bikeshare system in the recently released 2018 NACTO Report.