Many have asked how Biki is doing throughout this pandemic. Is ridership down? Will we continue to operate despite the extended stay-at-home orders?

In short, yes. We are working very hard to continue to provide the 24/7 service many residents have come to depend on, despite a significant drop in ridership. To give some perspective, 1,413 trips were taken yesterday, compared to 4,312 trips on the same day last year. While we love and miss seeing more people on bikes, we’re happy that our riders are complying with the current stay-at-home orders and using Biki for essential trips only.

A note from Todd Boulanger, Executive Director

As an Environmental Planner (UH Manoa) reflecting on the 50th Anniversary of EARTH DAY and living through the period that led to its creation; I can say one of the greatest lessons learned is that avoidance of damage is a much better solution than mitigation (a fancy word for cleaning up a mess). My father, a chemical engineer, a mid-century man of the pre-Earth Day era, was trained to approach ‘pollution solutions’ first through mitigation, as one of his favorite sayings to me growing up was “the solution to pollution is dilution”. 

IMG-9283 (1)

So, you ask, ‘how does Biki and bike share fit into mitigation versus avoidance’? Well, by exchanging a motor vehicle trip for a human powered bicycle trip you are avoiding the creation of much of the vehicle emissions tied to moving around our city quickly and conveniently, like half of our members reported doing. In 2019 you and your fellow Biki riders rode 1.37 million rides for an estimated 2.7 million miles in town. This quantity of miles would typically generate 3.3 million pounds of CO2 emissions by cars. But, instead of waiting for planted trees to grow and absorb these gases, they are never created. Put it simply, it is like 323 cars being removed from the town

Plus, there are other “me” benefits like losing weight or gaining muscle tone as you ride to your meetings or to see friends. I mean how many other environmental solutions are fun AND make you smile as you just live and go about your normal day?


Car vs. Bike Calculator


This event has been postponed until further notice. We will update this page with more information. 

The King Street Protected Bikeway serves thousands of riders every day who depend on the bikeway as a safe route to commute to work, run errands and exercise. 


On April 21, Bikeshare Hawaii and Hawaii Bicycling League will be hosting an event to beautify the bikeway that supports our riders and Honolulu cyclists on a daily basis! This is an official event of Volunteer Week, taking place from April 19-25 and coinciding with Earth Day.  

Rider Crossing Keaaumoku Street on the S King Protected Bike Path

Volunteer Week is an annual, week-long event hosted by Kanu Hawaii. This statewide, cross-sector campaign brings together 5000+ residents, visitors, nonprofits, businesses, schools, and government agencies in a concerted effort to take grassroots action that serves our communities.  This year marks the 50th anniversary of Volunteer Week and begins with a kickoff at the Capital on April 17. 

WHEN: April 21, 4:30 - 6:30pm

Meet at the park on the corner of King and Keeaumoku under the HBL tent to sign in and pick up supplies. We'll break into groups of 6 and tackle different sections of the 2-mile lane. Volunteers will either be sweeping, realigning the protective barriers, or picking up litter along the path. 

Please bring: 

  • Reusable water bottle
  • Great attitude! 
  • Bike or your Biki Pass (optional)

 We'll provide: 

  • Safety vests
  • Trash bags and gloves
  • Healthy snacks

We'll reconvene at 6pm to munch on healthy snacks donated by Blue Zones Project Hawaii 4M. 


Email if you want to participate or support this event! 

King Street Protected Bike Lane

The King Street Bikeway is a 2 mile protected lane stretching from Moiliili (Isenberg Street) to Downtown (South Street) where to connects to the Civic Center Path. The project initially was a one-way lane, completed in 2014. It was converted to a 2-two bicycle facility in 2015, allowing cyclists to ride in both directions. 

Protected Bike Lanes on Oahu via "Honolulu My Way" Interactive Map


Just months after the construction of the path and installation of barriers, the number of people biking on King Street increased by 71%. In the same period, the number of bikes on the sidewalk plummeted 65%.


When cities make part of a street comfortable to bike in, people naturally choose to use it. King Street is a great example of this. 

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Biki’ing through Earth Month!

Get active and live greener by hopping on a Biki bike around Honolulu!