While the majority of bikeshare systems across the country are funded by the municipality in which they operate, Biki today receives no direct operational financial support from the City & County of Honolulu. Along with all of you, we've proven the value and need for Biki, and now it's time for Honolulu to recognize Biki as a critical part of O'ahu's public transportation system. Join Biki users across our community in contacting Mayor Rick Blangiardi and your City Council member to express your support to save Biki. 


Dear [Mayor/Council Member],
I am a resident of [neighborhood] contacting you to show my support for Biki and bikeshare in Hawai'i.
[Insert reasons as to why you support Biki here. Some suggestions are provided below.]

  • I rely on Biki as a primary mode of transportation within my community.
  • There may be no Biki stops where I live, but I often use it at work or when visiting town. It's my favorite way to travel in town.
  • I, along with many of my fellow riders, have continued to ride Biki throughout the pandemic as I felt it was the safest socially distant shared transportation option.
  • Biki has continuously provided a low-cost and reliable public transportation option for the residents of Honolulu. 
  • I feel healthier / have lost weight while adopting Biki into my active lifestyle / commute.
  • I want Biki to grow and expand to more places on Oahu.
  • Biki has proven that bikesharing is essential in Honolulu by becoming a top-ranking bikeshare system in the U.S. from inception in 2017 through 2019.

Please take action today and ensure Biki and bikesharing is sustainable and lasting in our community!
[Your name]

Contact Mayor Blangiardi

Submit a contact form to share your support for Biki with Mayor Rick Blangiardi.

Contact your City Council Member

Email your City Council member. If you are unsure of your work or home district, please refer to the official map below from the Honolulu City Council website. 

Andria Tupola

District 1

(808) 768-5001

Heidi Tsuneyoshi

District 2

(808) 768-5002

Esther Kia`aina

District 3

(808) 768-5003

Tommy Waters

District 4

(808) 768-5004

Calvin Say

District 5

(808) 768-5005

Carol Fukunaga

District 6

(808) 768-5006

Radiant Cordero

District 7

(808) 768-5007

Brandon Elefante

District 8

(808) 768-5008

Augie Tulba

District 9

(808) 768-5009