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Jonathan Alexander, Operations Manager


Jonathan Alexander comes from a background in technology and field operations. He joined Secure Bike Share Hawaii serving as the Field Technician during initial deployment. Previously Jonathan spent 7 years in field operations applying theoretical principles and making advancements in the development of training and best practices. Now, as the Operations Supervisor, he applies his knowledge and experience with technical work in a collaborative environment to foster a team that ensures Biki bikes are well tuned and are there for you when you need them. He is devoted to serving the local community and the advancement of bike share by providing a sustainable, environmentally friendly transportation option to Hawaii.


Bikeshare Hawaii Team

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Todd Boulanger, Executive Director

Boulanger has more than 20 years of experience in transportation planning and mobility consultation with a special focus on designing complete streets, researching transportation trends, parking operations, operating bike transit hubs, and marketing mobility services. Most recently, Boulanger served as the VP of Operations and Facility Design for Bikestation and its facilities nationwide. Prior to Bikestation, Boulanger was Alta Planning and Design’s Deputy Project Manager for the Abu Dhabi Pedestrian Safety Action Plan that developed roadway safety audits, countermeasures and best policies for over 150 pedestrian high-frequency crash sites. Boulanger was originally recruited from The State of Hawaii by the City of Vancouver where he served as the senior transportation planner for the City’s then new Neighborhood Safety & Livability program within its Transportation Services section. Boulanger served in the US Peace Corps Philippines as a volunteer and technical trainer for Local Development Planning. Boulanger is a graduate of the Urban of Regional Planning Program at UH Manoa.


Kelsey Colpitts, Marketing and Communications Manager

Kelsey Colpitts earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies and Economics from St. Lawrence University. She is currently the marketing and communications manager for Bikeshare Hawaii where she is responsible for developing and executing communications programs that build ridership and strengthen relationships with the Honolulu community. Prior to joining Bikeshare Hawaii, Colpitts served as the marketing and public relations coordinator of West Maui Greenway Alliance where she promoted and helped launch the organization’s first annual Earth Day event. Before that she was the marketing specialist for the Massachusetts-based non-profit Center for EcoTechnology (CET) where she assisted with planning and delivering a range of marketing and communications projects to support CET’s goals of helping people and businesses save energy and reduce waste.


About us

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Biki is Honolulu’s large-scale bikeshare system, brought to you by the 501(c)3 non-profit, Bikeshare Hawaii. Launched in late June 2017, Biki has 1,300 bikes at over 130 conveniently located self-service “Biki Stops” throughout downtown Honolulu. Biki bikes are designed to be easy to maneuver, comfortable and fun to ride, while accommodating riders of all sizes. Honolulu is the first city in the world to have this new generation of bike.



Bikeshare Hawaii is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization that recently launched and manages the Biki bikeshare program in Honolulu. Bikeshare Hawaii launched Biki on June 28, 2017 with funding and support from public institutions and private partners including the City and County of Honolulu, the State of Hawaii, Ulupono Initiative, Hawaii Pacific Health, and individual donors. As a community-based nonprofit organization, Bikeshare Hawaii depends on donations and system revenue to maintain and expand its operations, and actively seeks additional partnerships and sponsorship for support. 


Bikeshare Hawaii benefits Hawaii residents and visitors by providing a low-cost, convenient, zero-emissions transportation option that is healthy for users, our community and the environment. For the latest updates on Bikeshare Hawaii, subscribe to Biki's monthly e-blast and follow Bikeshare Hawaii on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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Bikeshare Hawaii’s mission is to provide the public with high quality, convenient, reliable, and affordable bikeshare services that enhance community health and livability, strengthen our public transportation system, and connect people to more places where they live, work and play throughout Hawaii nei.



Biki is a world-class bicycle transit system, is well-utilized and fun, and meets Hawaii’s local community and visitor mobility needs. Bikeshare makes it easier to affordably and safely navigate our neighborhoods, promoting economic, health, and environmental benefits for the broader community, including:


  • Providing an affordable, convenient, fun and flexible transportation option for both residents and visitors
  • Stimulating business at the street level
  • Connecting users to other forms of transportation - The Bus, Rail
  • Creating new jobs
  • Reducing the use of fossil fuels and air pollution
  • Opening up neighborhoods where parking and traffic has reduced visitation
  • Reducing or eliminating parking, gas and other personal car expenses
  • Enabling users to enjoy the benefits of owning a bike without the hassle or worry. Use it, dock it, forget it.
  • Putting more people on bikes, calming traffic and increasing traffic safety for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists


Partner with us! 


Todd Boulanger

Executive Director

Kelsey Colpitts

Marketing & Communications Manager

Secure Bike Share:

Bikeshare Hawaii signed an agreement in 2016 with Secure Bike Share as its financing and operating partner. They specialize in the management and deployment of large scale bicycle share systems and are a part of the Secure Parking Group. The Secure Parking Group has nearly a 40 year record of operational excellence and state-of-the-art technology in the mobility sector and can be found in over 15 different countries across the globe including the US (mainland), United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Over the years they have grown to one of the largest transport operators in the world with numerous awards to their name including TOP100 SME for Exemplary Standards and Service Excellence, Parking Industry Award for Outstanding Marketing and Communications, Parking Organization of the Year (sponsored by NRMA), and ABA100 1st Prize Winner for Best New Product and Marketing Excellence.


Jonathan Alexander

Operations Manager

The City and County of Honolulu and The State of Hawaii

Bikeshare Hawaii was granted $2 million in 2015 with the purpose of helping to launch the initial phase of bikeshare in urban Honolulu. These funds are used for reimbursement of operating expenses and cannot be used for equipment. Along with donations, these funds have supported the organization’s small start up team, legal and accounting fees, market research, brand development, outreach, and site identification and planning for 100 sites. These funds are expected to be fully utilized by mid-2018. The City allows Bikeshare Hawaii to place Biki stations on the public right of way, with requirements stated in a formal agreement.

Board of Directors:

Greg Gaug, Ulupono Initiative

Bruce Coppa, Capitol Consultants of Hawaii

Rick Egged, Waikiki Improvement Association

Josh Feldman, Tori Richard

Marcy Fleming, Kamehameha Schools

Danielle Harris, Elemental Excelerator 

Michael Robinson, Hawaii Pacific Health

Randolph Moore, Retired


The Bikeshare Advisory Board includes representatives from:

The Environmental Protection Agency

The Hawaii State Department of Health

The City and Country of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services

Blue Planet Foundation

The National Parks Service

The Hawaii Bicycling League

Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization


Bikeshare Hawaii Feasibility Study - June 2014

City and County of Honolulu

Department of Planning and Permitting