Purchase a subscription online or through the mobile app, or get a pass at any one for our 130 conveniently located stations. After your purchase you’ll receive a temporary to check out a bike at a specific Biki station. Enter that code on the three digit keypad next to the left of the bike you want to release. Wait for the green light then pull your bike from the dock.

Please review our FAQ below to see if the answer you need is there before contacting Customer Service. If you need further assistance we are happy to help, contact one of our friendly customer service agents.

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7 days a week from 7am-11pm

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How to redeem your promo code - BIKI APP

Promotion codes can only be redeemed at the time of rental, not in advance. Please be at a Biki Stop and ready to ride at the time of redemption.

How to Redeem

How to Redeem 2

Once you are ready to ride your Biki, click "Unlock my bike now", select the station you are at, making sure the station number on the app matches the station number located on the side of the kiosk. Get a release code by clicking on the unlock button.


You will have 5 minutes to use your release code to checkout a bike.



  • Undocking bike: For easy undocking, punch ride code into keypad and wait for the light on the dock to turn from yellow to green. Once the green light is on, lift the bike up by the back of the seat, until it comes out.
  • Returning bike: Push bike into dock and wait for light on dock to turn green.
  • Confirmation SMS Text: Enter your mobile number when signing up to receive a confirmation text message per bike rented when returned to a station.
  • Finding stations: Use the App to view real time availability of bikes and docks at stations to know where you can rent or return bikes.
  • Ride codes: Once a ride code is generated on the app, you will have 5 minutes to undock a bike before it expires. 



  • Will the code work for multiple bikes? The promo code is valid for 1 bike per credit card. If applying the promo code when renting multiple bikes, it will be applied as a discount of $3.50.
  • Does the code have to be redeemed by a new user? No, members will be the ones that will receive the promo code, and they are able to gift it if they choose to. However, a different email address must be used. 
  • Can the code be used towards a membership plan? The code is only valid for a single ride up to 30 minutes. 
  • Is there a security hold? Yes. A $50 temporary hold will be applied per bike.
  • When will the security hold be released? The security hold is released in 3-5 business days so long as bikes are securely returned.


888-340-2454 | Support@GoBiki.org

6am - 11pm, 7 days a week

safety tips and Honolulu bike laws

Please Biki with Aloha and practice safe and considerate cycling. Pick up a map at any station kiosk for safety tips and bike law information. For a comprehensive list of Honolulu bicycle laws, visit HBL.org.


While not required by law for adult riders, we highly recommend wearing a helmet. Helmets are for sale at Biki HQ for a $20 donation to Bikeshare Hawaii. 

529 Koula Street, Bay 2  |  888-340-2454  |  Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

OFFICE CURRENTLY CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. Please email info@bikesharehawaii.org to get in touch about a helmet. 

Safety TiPS & Cycling laws

Do not ride on the sidewalks.

It is against the law to ride on the sidewalk in business districts (including Waikiki and Downtown). Those caught violating this law can be subject to a $55 fine. Ride on bike paths or designated bike lanes whenever possible. If not present, ride on the roadway. 

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It is illegal to ride on the sidewalk in Waikiki and Downtown.

Check out the Hawaii Bicycling League's Oahu Bike Map to learn about designated bike lanes and existing bike infrastructure. We've also put together some favorite Biki Routes, offering safe, scenic rides suitable for all skill levels.

Never leave your Biki unattended.

You should either be riding the bike or it should be securely docked at a Biki Stop.  The bike is your responsibility and your ride time will not stop until it has been properly returned. Always look for the green light to ensure it is locked in place! 

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Obey traffic signs and signals. Come to a complete stop at stop signs!

Copy of Untitled-4

Walk your Biki at crosswalks and any time you ever feel it is unsafe to ride. 

Copy of Untitled-6

Use hand signals to signal your intention when turning and stopping. 

TIP: Try to stay at least 3 feet away from parked cars to avoid hitting a suddenly opened car door.

Biki Dont's

Stay alert. Do not ride with headphones or earbuds.

Do not ride with noise cancelling headphones or face masks that may obstruct vision. Stay alert. 

Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Untitled design-7

People and pets should never be placed in the Biki basket. Only one rider at a time. 

Is biking in honolulu safe?

Honolulu was awarded a Bronze ranking as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the American League of Cyclist. Currently, Oahu has 2 miles of protected bike lanes, 46 miles of bike paths, 59 miles of bike lanes, and 40 miles of bike routes. Dedicated bike facilities are created to provide separation between bicyclists and motor vehicles. Bikeways such as paths and separated bike lanes allow bicyclists to ride without merging with motor vehicles, leaving cyclist and motorist feeling safer. Separation allows for a wide variety of people with varying skills, purposes, and speeds to use a bicycle. More bike lanes, paths and routes are planned for Oahu. Visit the City’s Bicycle Program to learn more about bicycle infrastructure and biking laws in Honolulu. Visit Hawaii Bicycling League's website for bike map resources and free workshops on safety and rules of the road. 

Hawaii Bicycling League leads workshops each month to help interested Biki Riders learn more about the rules of the road and biking safety. These classes are 2-hours long and include both classroom style instruction and Biki bike riding! Space is capped at 14 participants per class and sign up is required. 


Download the Oahu Bike Map - find safe riding routes in Honolulu, courtesy of Hawaii Bicycling League


Check out our recommended Biki routes

Biki Pass

Once you purchase a membership plan (Commuter, Voyager, Free Spirit) a complimentary Biki Pass will be sent to your Oahu residential address to make your experience with Biki even easier. The Biki Pass is the quickest way to unlock a bike! 


After purchasing your membership, expect a call from a Biki representative to verify that we have the correct address on file. Once you receive your Biki Pass (within 3-5 business days of address confirmation) you will need to activate it by logging in to your GoBiki.org account and entering the unique 7-digit number located under the barcode.


At this time, Biki Passes are only mailed to Oahu residences. If you are visiting from out of state or would prefer to pick up your pass at our offices please call customer service. 

How to use: 

  1. Find the card slot - it is located on the left of each Biki Stop docking point. 
  2. Quickly insert your Biki Pass, with the yellow arrow first.
  3. Wait for the lights to turn from yellow to green and remove your Biki! If the light turns red, or if you do not remove the bike in time, simply try again at the same dock or another one. Your time will not begin until the bike is removed. 

Lost your pass? If you lose your pass please call us immediately (888-340-2454) so we can deactivate and issue you a new one. There is a $5 replacement fee. 


Don't want to carry around a pass? You can unlock bikes by using the Biki Mobile App to generate ride codes. 

Gift Certificates

  • Gift card purchases and unused minutes are nonrefundable, non-transferable and have no cash value.
  • All Biki users must be at least 16 years of age or older. Please review our user agreement for complete terms and conditions.
  • Experiencing difficulties purchasing or redeeming a gift certificate? Please contact customer support at 888-340-2454, 6am-11pm 365 days a year.

Experiencing difficulties purchasing or redeeming your gift card? Please contact customer support at 888-340-2454, 6am-11pm 365 days a year.

FAQ-Biki App


The Biki App

The Biki App, available on both iPhone and Android mobile devices, is designed to help you maximize the use of Honolulu’s Bikeshare System, Biki. Here are some of the top features:



iOS version 12.1+ and Android version 4.1+ are required to install the Biki App and the latest updates. 

check out a bike with the app

1. Login to your Account to view our system map. Each dot represents a Biki Stop.

2. Click on any dot to see the Biki Stop name, number and the real time availability of open docks and bikes. 

3. When you are by a Biki Stop and ready to ride, press the yellow unlock button on the bottom right side of the screen. 

4. Click "Get release code" to generate a 5-digit code that can be used to unlock any bike at that particular Biki Stop. Codes are valid for 5-minutes and can check out one bike. 

check out bike

5. Go to a bike a find the 3-number key panel on the left side of the dock. 

6. Type in your unique code, wait for the yellow light to turn green and remove the bike. Your ride has now begun! 

FAQ-Meet the bike

the bike


One-piece handlebar to protect all components


Aluminum frame light and durable


Tough 24” wheels super-solid rims, puncture-resistant casing and tires with reflective sides


Patented locking device a proven anti-theft system


Dynamo lighting system 10,000-hour lifespan. When the bike stops, the lights stay on for 90 seconds


Roller brakes efficient, low maintenance and safe braking


Front and back reflectors


Bell audible from 150 fee


Chain protector to protect riders clothes


Sturdy Luggage carrier


Comfortable seat, theft proof, adjustment marks


Shimano Nexus 3-gear setup


The System





the station


Solar panels: energy self-sufficient


Kiosk: easy-to-use payment interface


City Map frame: Back-light available for information or advertising posters


Modular solution: plug and play flexible like adding building blocks


Wireless communication: for payment processing and data transmission


Smart dock: unlock bikes with key, smart card or code

How to use the kiosk video tutorial: Purchase a Pass

How to use the kiosk: Returning User

FAQ-How to Biki

Biki loves people who don’t bike now.
(And maybe you’ll love having a new option for short trips in town.)

When it's too far to walk and too close to drive, you can now Biki instead.

PBSC logo

A 20-minute walk is just a 5 minute ride. And if you think driving is faster and easier, how much time do you waste circling a parking lot looking for an open spot?

  • unlock

Visit any of 130 Biki Stops conveniently located throughout urban Honolulu. Unlock a bike using your credit card, Biki Pass or the Biki Mobile App.

  • ride

Bike to any other Biki Stop. We bet you'll find one pretty close to your destination. Get the App to see the status and location of every Biki Stop.

  • return

Push your bike into a dock to lock it. Once you see a green light, this confirms you've returned that bike to our care. Leave it worry-free!

Questions? Call Customer Service at 1-888-340-2454

Our customer service department is available to provide assistance 7 days a week from 7am-11pm.

Why join biki

Wallet Friendly

We designed Biki to suit most budgets. Pick the pricing plan that best fits you. Change your mind later? No worries. You'll be able to switch to another plan.

It's Quick and Easy

Biki is obviously faster than walking. 4x faster in most cases. And compared to using a car? For short trips of 1-2 miles, Biki could also be faster. Unpark, drive, circle a parking lot, find a space, find out it's too small, circle some more, park.

Dress as You Like

No need to pull on spandex to ride Biki. It's made to ride in your street clothes, even business attire. Dress and heels? Absolutely. And most people will sweat less taking a short 5-10 minute ride than walking 5-10 minutes.

Gets You Moving

Why not get some blood moving through your limbs while enjoying our beautiful community? Biki whisks you away from your workspace or sofa and gets you outside. Kick the bucket seat and trade it for a Biki seat instead.

Supports Small Businesses

You don't see most small businesses when you're driving by in your car. When you Biki instead, you're slower and more observant, discovering many new places to shop and dine. You'll feel like you have a whole new city to explore.

Makes You Smile

Rolling along with a light breeze on your face. Waving to a neighbor who Biki's by. Anticipating meeting up with your friends. Feeling the freedom that only riding a bike gives you. Passing cars stuck in traffic. Biki reconnects you to the simple things in life.